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Instant Level 85 PvP

Start with instant Level 85 and farm Top gear easy!

Dynamic Event System

The most dynamic Events that will make you stay playing for hours!

Accurate Balance

The server counts with the most accurate balance system for best PvP Experience!

PvP/Raid PvP Farm

You can obtain farm currency doing PvP, Olympiads or Epic PvP Raids!

Top Weekly Players

Every week we have a 3º, 2º and 1º place with rewards for the best weekly Killers!

Rank Systems

You will increase your Rank and receive rewards by killing/Assist players!


Organized community board that includes every need of a player. Gatekeeper, service manager, buffer, free and easy certification system (for subclass too), donations, blacksmith included & more! Service Manager that provides all type of needs to every player. GMShop, warehouse, Augmenting,Symbol maker, Removal of Attribute and more! Safe enchant +18, max +20. You have 10% to Enchant +18 to +20 without destroy the item if the scroll fail) .

Our PvP Zones has 3 modes : 1 . PvP Normal : Classic PvP zone 2 . Red vs Blue : In this team Red team fights the Blue team. It’s basically a TvT event but without party’s allowed. 3. Free for all (FFA) : A mode where everyone attacks everyone ! NOTE : Each mode lasts for 1 hour. The order of the modes is like this : PvP Normal -> Free For all -> PvP Normal -> Red VS Blue. Then repeat.

Rank System with 42 different Ranks, allows you to be more competitive on the server and will make you get more PvP Coins depending on wich Rank you are. You can exchange the PvP Coin them in PvP Shop for Armor, Weapons, Ancient Scrolls, Dressme skins and many more items.

Server details

Rate Drop Adena: x1000
Rate Drop Items: x10
Rate drop Boss: x2
Rate Drop Spoil: x1

Safe Enchant: +18 (Olf's +4)
Maximum Enchant: +20

Scroll Enchant Rate: 56%
Scroll Blessed Enchant Rate: 90%
Ancient Scroll Enchant (+18 to +20 Not break): 10%
Divine Scroll Enchant (+18 to +20): 100%

Top Life Stone Chance: 100%
Elemental Crystal Chance: 100% Instant Max Level
Elemental Maximum Level: Armor (7) Weapon (7)

Buff Time: 2 Hours
Maximum Buff Amount: 44/20
Auto Pots
Dressme System
5 Different Events Systems
Cancel Buffs Return
Olympiad Anti-Feed
Olympiad Max Enchant +6
Olympiad starts 17 : 00 (GMT+1). Ends 02 : 00 (GMT+1)
Heroes selected every Sunday
Free Certifications (allowed for subclasses)
Ward limit: 3
Castle Siege and Territory War every week

Why Should Play This Server

Stable server

The server counts with the best ANTI DDoS/Hack Protections.


Enjoy the best PvP experience with the most accurate balance.


We have active admin for listen suggestions & fix all problems.